Mobile Teleinformation Node

Mobile Teleinformation Node (MTN) is a solution supporting operational capabilities of integrated battlefield command and imagining systems (C4ISR). MTN is an IT hardware platform based on modular structure, intended to operation in network centric environment, according to NNEC concept (NATO Network Enabled Capability). The MTN`s main task is to provide modern IT services (fast data transfer), including development of military network in IP technology.

MTN is a hardware platform which provides implementation of BMS system, enabling automation of command process and creation of situational awareness, including COP (common operating picture). The platform can operate either as a fixed or mobile command post. MTN ensures cooperation with military IT systems used by Polish Armed Force and can be customized to operation in any modern IT system FEATURES implemented in allied military structures.

MTN`s hardware is placed in a customized EMC tempest cabin (certified up to Secret level) sited on a high-mobility military truck. The platform can work both, when stationary and on the move. MTN consists of first-class technological solutions divided into specialized modules (communication module, cryptographic module, GUU encryption module). All modules and devices meet the requirements of the applicable norms and standards in order to enable interoperability with the widest range of various systems.


  • Fixed or mobile communication work post
  • Radios handling
  • Data transmission IPv4 andIPv6
  • Interoperability with allied communication systems
  • Digital, analog and optic tracks
  • Subscribers lines
  • Data encryption
  • Ethernet interfaces
  • VoIP telephony
  • Router/switch functionality

Design and functionality

  • Wire communication subsystem, provides deployment of LAN/WANIP packet networks and digital wire networks in STORCZYK system and ISDN
  • Wireless VHF/UHF radio communication subsystem providesintegration of VHF/UHF radiocommunication systems with wirephonic communication systems: STORCZYK, ISDN, VoIP, VSAT
  • Satellite communication subsystem VSAT ensures realization of wide band telecommunication services between the country and the troops involved in foreign missions
  • Intercom subsystem enables voiceand data communication between members of the squad , also providing communication with external systems
  • IT hardware platform enables installation of Battlefield Management System
  • Warning subsystem integrates laser illumination and NRBC contamination sensors
  • Unit localization subsystems is based on GPS
  • Unit supervision and monitoring system ensures visual control of the situation outside the unit
  • Authentication, access control and encryption subsystem secures exchange of voice and data
  • Air filtration and power supply subsystem
  • Survival kit

Project „Mobile IT Node” it has been realized by group of firm :
Military Communication Works No 2 Joint Stock Company (Leader of group ), WB Electronics Joint Stock Company & KenBIT Sp. J.