Multi Channel Radio Access Simplex Unit

Multi Channel Radio Access Simplex Unit was designed for coupling battlefield VHF radio connection network with radio&wire communication system STORCZYK. This connection resulted in integrated field network for the tactical level. AWRS-based subsystems may become an autonomic connection network, which allows operations independent of radio&wire communication subsystem STORCZYK with a seven-digit subscriber’s number system.

AWRS offers telecommunications services both during a temporary stop (wire connection of STORCZYK) and during move of an unit, with a use of radio communication system as a medium connecting it to radio&wire communication system or between different VHF Multi Channel Radio Access units.


Actions available regarding the telecommunications services:

  • Operating 8 connections at the same time – both in the data transmission mode or radio&wire communication system phonic connection mode
  • RPA connections for radio&wire communication system subscribers
  • Connecting an RPA with an RPA belonging to a different radio network, but still being a WRS subscriber, through radio&wire communication system
  • Sending package dispatches, approved and unapproved
  • Conference calls between radio&wire communication system subscribers
  • Multicast connections to the radio network

AWRS unit was a result of a cooperation of the following companies

  • Wojskowymi Zakładami Łączności Nr2
  • Wojskową Akademią Techniczną