Navy On-board Communication System

BITcom-M is an on-board system for combat boats integrating navigation equipment, communication between members of the crew (intercom), voice communication and data exchange with external subscribers via radio or satellite, as well as integrates combat boat navigation equipment. BITcom-M is designed for interfacing with the Battle Management System.

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BITcom-M integrates:

  • A set of radios installed on the boat (Harris PRC-150, PRC-117F)
  • A set of telephony and satellite transmissions media (Motorola XTL-5000 and ICOM IC-M603 radiotelephones, Sailor SC 4000 satellite phone)
  • A set of navigation (AIS, NAVnet, etc.)
  • Automated Working Post terminals of Battle Management System (option)


Considering the specific nature of maritime combat, intercom has simple to operate, non-absorbing the crew features.

Intercom exchange performs commuting and control function. The device is programmable, which features can be modified in accordance with the user requirements.


On-board intercom features:

  • Voice communication among the crew members
  • Access of the crew to wireless communication means
  • Boat position transmission to the Command Center

Telecommunication features

  • All around connections among crew members
  • Voice communication through IC-M603 radiotelephone
  • Voice communication through XTL-5000 radiotelephone
  • Communication through HF/VHF radio
  • Communication through Sailor SC 4000 satellite phone
  • Transmission of the boat position in AIS
  • Transmission of the boat position through XTL-5000 radiotelephone

Battle Management System

„Hektor” BMS is an optional add-on to the BITcom-M system. BMS software is installed on rugged computers, integrated with the boat LAN network.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

AIS is marine automatic identification system for floating units. AIS device installed on boat is connected with the on-board IP-network. Operational modes of the secure AIS:

  • Normal – data reception and transmission, no encryption
  • Silent – data reception non-encrypted and encrypted, no transmission
  • Tactical – data reception of non-encrypted and encrypted, transmission encrypted only
  • Hybrid –  data reception of non-encrypted and encrypted, transmission of position non-encrypted

On-board Integrator

Function of on-board integrator is performed by IP Tactical Radio Access (BSR-IP). It provides all services required on the premises of the command posts and combat installations.

BSR-IP provides integration of transmission media and coupling the radio network combat net with IP systems. It offers a wide spectrum of communication services, including the functionality of the communication server.

Power supply

Power supply for the elements: DC 12 V – 27 V. Power consumption from external sources during operation of this equipment does not exceed 200 W.