On-board Communication System

KenBIT company introduces own equipment solutions, creating coherent and compatible systems.

Our on-board system of communication was made to integrate local telecommunications services for the crew members (intercom functions, operating ZMP, receiving alarm signals, danger signals, diagnostic information, etc.). It ensures radio communications for landing forces and their mother vehicle.

The system integrates all devices and sensors of command vehicle in a complete, coherent tele-IT system. At the same time, it allows cooperation between communication, command, management systems operating within SZ RP and civil systems.


Wireless communication:

  • Audio radiotelephone communication for the landing troops (800m)
  • Data exchange between landing troops and ZMP vehicle
  • Sending alarm signals
  • Sending short text messages
  • Simultaneous data and audio exchange

Wire communication:

  • Vehicle intercom function (audio)
  • Data exchange between ZMPs (LAN)
  • Operating the alarm and diagnose sensors of a vehicle
  • Portable unit up to 3km
  • Access communication (audio, data) with vehicle’s landing troops


Long-range communication – operating phonic services:

  • Automatic connection to the STORCZYK system
  • Connections through UKF/KF channels between subscribers of analog and digital telecommunications networks
  • ISDN and VoIP (H.323) subscriber service
  • Connections between subscribers of different UKF/KF radio networks and directions
  • Connections between JRS and WRS UKF subsystem’s subscribers

Data transmission services:

  • Data transmission in accordance with STANAG 5066
  • Cooperation with commuted and package telecommunications networks
  • Exchange of authorized and unauthorized messages
  • E-mail services through UKF/KF channel
  • HTTP, FTP, TELNET, etc. services accessible with a use of standard work-station software of package networks subscribers
  • Text messages exchange
  • Cooperation with automated IRYS 2000, SZAFRAN ZT, TOPAZ, PRZEBIŚNIEG, PROCJON, BREŃ and TUJA systems