Digital Telecommuting Device

Multifunctional Integrated Media Gateway CUT-2RI is designed for operation as a component of stationary or mobile systems, used to develop automated digital telecommunication networks, integrating radio, telephone and data exchange services. CUT-2RI may be used for the carrying out of the field, stationary fixed, end terminal and transit communication nodes.


  • Subscriber lines
  • Digital tracks
  • Ethernet interfaces
  • VoIP telephony
  • Router/switch functions
  • Support for the radiostations
  • Automatic exchange of IP data
  • Duplex conferences
  • Power supply: DC 27 V

CUT – 2RI integrates all the functionality in one housing necessary and sufficient to achieve the system structure construction of the future command vehicle. CUT- 2RI integrates in on uniform systems all the radios, satellite terminals, computer terminals and endpoint subscribers equipment. CUT – 2RI has a wide functional range of cooperation with the combat field radios. It includes telephone calls between wired and/or radio subscribers, as well as IP advanced data services.

On the wired side CUT -2RI has a wide range of paths through the block. Device configuration is customized according to the requirements. The basic version of the device has eight groups of tracts in standards: STANAG 4210, STANAG, 4578, EUROCOM, ISDN PRI, and STANAG 4206. In addition, 4 tracks E1 can be used together by creating a virtual route 4xE1 with 8192 kbit/s data rate. In principle, the scope of standardization used on the wired side is enough to attach to any of the telecommunication system, can be met in the NATO members armed forces, as well as in the civilian infrastructure.

Switch and MUX functions

  • Attaching group tracts: STANAG 4210, Eurocom 64…2048 kb/s, G.703, STANAG 4578 i DSS1 ISDNPRI, STANAG 4206.
  • Cooperation with the public telephone exchanges ISDN PRI
  • Virtual tract configuration 8192kb/s (4 x E1)
  • Digital and analog subscriber’s outfit

Compatibility with Automated
Communication System STORCZYK

  • Compliance of CUT-2RI contact block standard with STORCZYK
  • Attaching devices through Ethernet interface and „U” type connection of STORCZYK system

VoIP gate functions

  • With other VoIP subscribers
  • VoIP subscriber – STORCZYK subscriber
  • VoIP subscriber – ISDN subscriber
  • VoIP subscriber – radio subscriber (RSP) VHF/HF

Operating the HF/UHF radio station

  • VHF/HF radio access services (RAP function)
  • IP data transmission with accordance to STANAG 5066
  • Radio router functions
  • Connection to 4 VHF/HF radiostations

IP router functions

  • Operating the PROT data transfer protocol compliant with STORCZYK (MK-16) system
  • Operating the V.110/V.120 protocol transmitting the data in ISDN networks
  • Operating the PPP protocol cooperating with IP routers and RAS servers
  • Operating the RIP V.1 and V.2,OSPF, BGP routing protocols
  • Operating the V.35 optical interface with HDLC, Cisco HDLC, PPP encapsulations
  • Remote management through SNMP V3 protocol
  • Automatic selection of an alternative route for IP packets