The Fox DataDiode

Business Problem

Confidential information needs to stay confidential. However, high levels of security often hamper productivity. On the other hand, loosening the reins on security for a more fluent workflow means putting data at risk.
The Fox DataDiode provides a guaranteed one-way network connection, offering the highest certified level of security and prevents unwanted data loss and/or manipulation.

In Government and Defense loss of data can have an immediate impact on a nation’s security and ultimately can even cost lives.


The Fox DataDiode is a cross-domain product reconciling the seemingly contradictory requirements of high assurance and free flow of information.
Its guaranteed one-way network connectivity makes sure one can securely and smoothly transfer information in real-time, 24×7. It safeguards the integrity and availability for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). With certifications such as NATO SECRET and Common Criteria EAL7+, the Fox DataDiode is the highest evaluated and certified IT security product in the world.

In Government and Defense – Securely automate one-way transfer of information into confidential networks with a certified, high assurance solution. Gain immediate and safe access to the latest public intelligence from within a protected and classified environment, while adhering to rules and regulations for handling secret information.

It’s all about protecting secrets

  • Confidentiality

    Automate and accelerate the process of adding information to confidential and high security networks, without compromising security and integrity of data.

  • Availability

    Smoothly and securely transfer data in real-time, 24×7. Thanks to the unidirectional network connection.

  • Protection

    Prevent data breaches of confidential and classified information with the Fox DataDiode; a 100% guaranteed one-way network connection that will protect your high security networks. Always.

  • Highest certification in terms of security

    The Fox DataDiode has received extensive independent confirmation of its security claims. Certifications such as NATO (SECRET and Green Scheme) and achieving the highest Common Criteria evaluation possible: EAL7+ prove it


  • The Fox DataDiode is the only product in the world with Common Criteria Certification at level EAL7+
  • Multiplexable: A single Fox DataDiode setup can support as many protocols and data channels as you wish, as long as the bandwidth permits; some alternative solutions require you to buy a separate diode for every single feature.
  • 100% 1U hardware solution: some alternative solutions depend on embedded firmware and are essentially low level software solutions. The Fox DataDiode is a 100% hardware solution in the form of a single rack mountable 19”unit.
  • Transfer files (using SMB, FTP/FTPS, SFTP/SCP)
  • Transfer email (SMTP)
  • Synchronize time (NTP)
  • In combination with additional industrial software modules from Fox-IT, replicate Modbus, OPC and OSIsoft PI
  • Easy customization possible
  • Adjusted proxy server specifications
  • Extra protocol support
  • Integrated content filtering