Multifunctional Telephone

Multifunctional Telephone KenTEL-1 was designed to work within a digital system of communication, and to be used on military installations (transporters), in the LAN networks, as well as in the field command posts (portable units). It performs intercom functions, allows contact with STORCZYK system switchboard, UKF and KF radio stations and VoIP subscribers.

Telephone functions

  • Telephone connections with STORCZYK system subscribers
  • Telephone connections with VoIP terminals in H.323 standard
  • Data transmission from the attached computer through STORCZYK system

Intercom functions

  • Circular connections between crewmen
  • Point-point connections between crewmen
  • Phonic connections with KF/UKF radio network subscribers

Portable unit’s functions

  • Used outside of vehicles, as a “portable unit” (in additional carrying containers)

Alarm and signal functions

  • Screening of the alarm signals about dangers from the vehicle danger detection system and diagnostic announcements (sensors state) from vehicle CAN system to the vehicle users


  • Connecting 2 user headsets (speakers)
  • Connecting a vehicle to LAN through Ethernet 10/100
  • Cooperation with specialist equipment (direction finders, receivers, etc.)

Meets the following requirements

  • NO-06-A101- A108 for the N.11-UZ-II-A product group
  • N.14-UZ-II-A product group, for transportation container