Multifunctional Microtelephone MTW

Multifunctional Microtelephone software (MTW) for PR4G radio station.

KenBIT created the MTW software, which at the same time enables realization of audio services, as well as data transmission within the VHF radio networks.

Basic functions

  • Remote control of PR4G radios family
  • Exchange of alphanumeric messages
  • Integrating and exchanging information with the use of Single Channel Simplex Radio Access subsystem (SCRA)

Actions available with the use of radio stations’ remote control

  • Changing the radio station’s operating mode (FH, FCS, DFF, AFF)
  • Changing the working channel
  • Changing the transmit power
  • Changing the radio stations’ status (master or slave) in the radio Network
  • Operating the network synchronization functions
  • Selective calling
  • Identifying the radio network’s subscriber
  • Changing the volume and squelch level
  • Emergency radio station clearing
  • Alarming and connection testing

Actions available with the use of SCRA and MCRA subsystems

  • Data transmission and audio connection with the STORCZYK system
  • Ability to change the information type during the connection
  • Packet messages exchange in radio access mode
  • Affiliation process to the Radio Subscriber’s Unit (RSP) from the SCRA and MCRA
  • Automatic log in and out of the RSP between the Radio Access Units (RAP)
  • Audible information about the incoming calls and the execution of the connections in the JRS and WRS subsystem
  • Subscriber’s identification
  • Voice mail and text messaging

Actions available for message exchange

  • Sending and receiving the messages from individual subscribers and groups
  • Memorizing: up to 10 sent messages of 160 signs each, up to 10 received messages of 160 signs each, up to 10 memos about missed calls together with information about the telephone numbers and awaiting voice messages, up to 10 dialed subscribers’ numbers.
  • Audible information about the received messages and awaiting voice massages

MTW was developed in cooperation with Military Communication Works No.2 in Czernica and Elektronika Zagoździński company.