Mobile Radio-Monitoring Stations

KenBIT offers Mobile Radio-Monitoring Stations RSP to various government organizations (civilian and military) organizations responsible for the radio monitoring. RSP may fulfill the function of mobile measurement laboratory intended for the spectrum monitoring, direction finding and location of radio transmitters and for special measurements of radio emissions – all according to the ITU-R recommendations.


RSP performs the following functions

  • Radio signals presence detection (range 20 MHz – 3GHz)
  • Demodulation and listening
  • Recording of demodulated audio signals
  • Direction finding and location

Measurements of signal parameters

  • electro-magnetic field strength
  • frequency
  • bandwidth
  • FM signals frequency deviation
  • AM signals amplitude modulation depth

  • Continuous frequency scanning and discrete channel scanning
  • Determining the latitude and longitude of the station on the digital map
  • Task planning and its automatic execution according to predefined schedule
  • Visualization, recording and processing of measurement results
  • Automatic detection of illegal emissions
  • Reports printout
  • Measurement results and control data wireless transmission