Tactical Radiotelephone RTK-1

Tactical Radiotelephone RTK-1 is a part of soldier’s personal equipment disigned particularly for communicating landing troops from the combat vehicle with a commander, as well as for special operations. It secures a communications channel for deployed field posts, receiving alarm and general alert signals, and – through on-board systems – it secures almost every mean of communication to the contact, command and management systems, that work within Polish Armed Forces.


  • No base station required
  • TDMA operation mode
  • Built-in GPS
  • RS-232C or USB 2.0 interface
  • Automatic retransmission ofaudio and data packets
  • Scrambling of transmission
  • Short text messages andalarm signal transmission

Operational capabilities

  • Audio digital transmission (simplexor duplex)
  • Data transmission (RS-232 or USB)
  • Short text messages and alarm signal transmission
  • Hardware flow control data
  • Data and voice retransmission
  • Automatic connection with the STORCZYK system
  • Connections with other VHF/HF radio network subscribers
  • Off-site information about radio network subscribers
  • Audio signaling of selected events
  • Remote control and data transmission through the USB or RS-232 link
  • GPS data distribution in radio network
  • Cooperation with Hektor Battle Management System


  • operational frequency: 400-464 MHz (contact KenBIT for other bands)
  • number of channels: 256 (every 250 kHz)
  • transmission power: 2W
  • data transmission speed: 9600 bit/s
  • hardware control of data flow
  • operating time: max. 14 hours
  • operating temperature: -30 to +50oC
  • self-synchronizing – no need for a base station
  • distributing data from GPS within a radio network
  • transmitting short text messages and alarm signals
  • simultaneous data and audio transmission
  • simplex audio mode of operation
  • duplex audio mode of operation (up to 4 pairs of abonents)
  • automatic connection to STORCZYK system