Antennas Control System

“SIROKO” Antennas Control System allows to interface signals from different antennas to inputs of measuring equipment and receivers, such as: radio and measuring receiver, radio detection finder, spectrum analyser or receiver card. 8 antennas and 4 measuring equipment or receivers may be connected as a standard. SIROKO allows for independent setting-up of 2 high frequency signal paths. Such configuration may be customize according to the customer requirements.

SIROKO may be implemented in radio Communications systems, where the high frequency signal from different antennas must be directed do appropriate receivers (measuring equipment, radio detection finders, etc.) depending on the tasks to be performed by the system.

SIROKO was implemented, among others, in the automated radio spectrum monitoring system in use by the Electronic Communication Agency.

System coposition

  • Outside commutator KZ 8/2
  • Internal commutator KW 2/4
  • SIROKO system controller
  • Rotator AR/AE 1049

Management options

  • Integrated built-in front panel
  • Remote access via web browser, RS-232 interface (9600/N/8/1) and LAN interface (UDP/IP port 7755)


  • Capability of switching high frequency signals from different antennas to measuring or radio communication equipment input
  • Set-up of 2 independent signal tracks
  • Antennas positioning in azimuth and polarization change
  • Lokal and remote control
  • Installation in 19” RACK cabinet

Technical parameters

  • Optional frequency range: 0 to 3GHz
  • Number of commutated inputs: 8
  • Number of commutated outputs: 4
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Antenna connector type: N
  • Typ złącza antenowego: N
  • Switching time (max): 100ms
  • Number of switching cycles (min): 1 000 000
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50oC (outside commutator) and antenna rotator: -35oC to +50oC