Laser Warning Receiver System

KenBIT offers Laser Warning Receiver System, which detects and identifies laser radiation sources such as: laser rangefinder including single or multi-pulse, Designator and Direction Finder. Use of this system gives the commander and crew of the vehicle vital seconds to decide whether to take evasive or aggressive action and thus increases survival probability.

System consist of three basic elements

  • Set of detector heads
  • Display
  • Control device with RS-232 interface

LWRS SOL-1 integrates and announces warning signals from other sensors

  • Radiological contamination (RAD)
  • Chemical contamination (CHEM)
  • Radiolocation radiation (R-LOK)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO)
  • Smoke detector

Information from detection heads about laser radiation and its angle of arrival is sent to the control box. The control Box collects signals from all heads and sensors. Synthetic information is displayed on Display Box.

Each alarm is also generated in the form of audio signal which enables quick response of the crew at the signal of a threat, regardless of their job functions. Information about the threat from the corresponding sensor can be sent automatically by VHF/HF radio to higher command level and visualized by the BMS application on the digital map.

Technical features

  • Laser Spectral Coverage 800 – 1700nm
  • Field of View Azimuth 360°, Elevation ±55°
  • Response time less than 50 ms
  • Digital interface to vehicle’s communications system
  • Built-in test equipment
  • Special display suited to vehicle
  • Sound generator

The System can be used for the same purpose to protect other than vehicle objects e.g. air, surface and floating, mobile or fixed points such as bridges, headquarters, warehouses, etc.

System was developed with cooperation with Military University of Technology.