Mobile Satellite Station VSAT

Mobile Satellite Station TULIPAN based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter platform. Its purpose is to provide global scale communication and services like VoIP telephony and Video Conference. Mobile Satellite Station can be redesigned to fit a number of different type of vehicles (e.g. armored or off-road) which allows montage of the antenna on the top and has enough space for inside installations.

Operation features

  • Wideband services (Videoconference, WWW service, VoIP, mail) for four separate LAN/WAN networks
  • Joining videoconference in one of four separated networks
  • Using cell phone infrastructure for data transmission (also on the move) or on stay without need of using VSAT antenna
  • Wireless access for local users (laptops, smartphones) to VSAT media communication
  • VSAT system management application

Basic ICT equipment applied on the

  • VSAT Satellite antenna for Ku and C band
  • GSM antenna for data transmission through cell-phones infrastructure
  • DVB-T and automatic DVB-Santenna for satellite and terrestrial television
  • WiFi accesspoint for local communication
  • Videoconference terminal
  • PC computer
  • Server
  • Two full HD monitors
  • Video switching matrix
  • Set of network routers and switches for communication organization
  • IP camera for VSAT antenna andsurrounding observation
  • HF and VHF radio as an option

Operating possibilities

  • Vehicle is able to drive in off-road terrain (four wheel drive)
  • For proper VSAT antenna operation vehicle is stabilized by two electromechanical jacks mounted on the rear
  • RACK space and operator space has separate air condition systems
  • RACK cabin is prevented from vibrations by shock absorbers
  • There is a separate cargo space with power connectors on the rear of the vehicle

VSAT Mobile Station was certified by Military Institute of Chemistry and Epidemiology confirming that it allows safe environment for vehicle crew during operation of devices emitting electromagnetic radiation.