Deployed Working Post

Deployed Working Post WSP-1 is the outer communication terminal of a temporary command post allowing for operation after leaving vehicle (up to 2 km). It is possible either to include terminal to the Field Command Post LAN or arrange an autonomous field command post outside the vehicle for increasing the command security of own radio means against enemy’s localization. The post ensures the continuity of the commander operation in the existing commanding relationship, including the radio, with vehicle’s communication infrastructure. Using the WSP-1 the commander can work in BMS environment, through the attached computer.


  • IP transmission through onepair wire up to 2 km
  • Connection of one IP terminal through wired Ethernet
  • Listening to 3 HF/VHF radios
  • Power supply: DC 27V orbuilt-in UPS

Intercom functions

  • Circular connection with crew members
  • Point-to-point connection among crew members
  • Audio connection with HF/VHF radio network subscriber
  • Selective connection with HF/VHF radio subscriber


  • Audio interface for input of 2 users’ headsets or loud speakers
  • Ethernet 10/100 allowing for connection to the vehicle’s LAN or Field Command Post. In addition, interface allows to attach IP terminal (PC) through modem connection with the vehicle.
  • DSL interface for connection of telephone line

Telephone functions

  • Circular and selective connections with crew members
  • Listening to 3 HF/VHF radios
  • Circular and selective connection with HF/VHF radio network subscribers
  • Telephone connections with the STORCZYK system subscribers
  • Telephone connections with VoIP terminals in H.323 standard
  • Data transmission from attached computer through STORCZYK system
  • Connection of one IP terminal through 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet interface
  • IP transmission through one-pairwire up to 2 km

WSP-1 ensures implementation of wired audio communication and IP data exchange with the basic vehicle, and through it with the entire system environment. It performs the functions of the intercom, allows the connection with STORCZYK system exchanges, VHF and HF radios and with VoIP subscribers. Deployed Working Post WSP-1 integrates the functions of Multifunction Telephone KenTEL-1 and Long-range Modem MD-1. In addition, it provides power supply (rechargeable) for a stand-alone operation of devices. Thanks to compact construction the WSP-1 device is easy in preparation for operation and exploitation. WSP-1 has a watertight and mechanical shock resistant enclosure (transportation case).

Product complies with the NO-06- A101 ÷ A108 standard for N 14-UZ-IIA group.