Mobile Work Post WSP-2

Mobile Work Post WSP-2 is an external, portable device acting as a router or switch. WSP-2 allows to build a temporary local data network (Ethernet) for field command posts. Using WSP-2 allows a quick connection to remote workstations (PC terminal) or LAN networks (eg. cars) with any transmission nodes, such as the Mobile Teleinformation Node. WSP-2 terminal provides the ability to easily connect terminals or networks through fiber optic (up to 500m) or electrical connections, built with the military field 2-wire cable – up to 2 km. The device has one SHDSL and one optical interface on the WAN side. On the LAN side it provides seven ETH interfaces (including 4 PoE) and one optical.


  • Ability to connect via optical fiber (500 m) or electric (2-wire military cable up to 2 km) with other terminals (LAN networks)
  • Ability to work in router modeor switch
  • Support for interfaces10/100/1000BASE-T (RJF), SHDSL, 100/1000BASE -FX/SX(MFM)
  • External power supply
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Support for routing protocols RIP v1 and v2, and v3 OSPFv2, BGP4
  • Management via Web, SNMP v2/v3


  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Routing protocols RIP v1, RIP v2, OSPF v2 and OSPF v3, BGP4 (optional support for EIGRP and IGRP)
  • Support for dynamic allocation of addresses by DHCP
  • Support for VLAN (IEEE 802.IQ)
  • TFTP and NTP servers
  • GRE, IPIP, IPSEC, 6in4 and ISATAP funnels
  • IGMP v2 and v3 MLD v2 multicats

Due to compact design, the device is easy to prepare for work and use. WSP-2 has a waterproof and resistant to mechanical stresses housing (carrying case).

WSP-2 meets NO-06-A101 ÷ A108 for for products group N.14-UZ-II-A.